Geographies Affected by Ground Rent

The ground rent scandal is not limited to a single country of geography but there are many parts of the world. These geographies have carried the practice of lease holding and ground rent for centuries and now recently the phenomenon has proved to be exploitative and abusive to the home and property buyers. Some of the geographies affected by the practice are mentioned below :


In England, these transactions are defined and governed by the formal and legal laws in place which have been there for centuries. This is a location where the practice has been most prevalent and pervasive. Rather the entire news on ground rent scandal was covered on the cases coming out of UK and the territories within the nation.


In Ireland, This has been a typical practice and is most present in urban areas and urban life. In a country where mostly land is used for agricultural purpose, some of it is allowed to be bought and exchanged by freeholders and land owners under the practice of leasehold.


In US, the similar practice is identified with a different name which calls the rent 'fee simple'. Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania are different territories where the practice has been taking place and has evolved over time through different laws and acts respectively.


In Scotland, the practice has been there in place with a different term for the phrase 'ground rent'. The term is replaced by 'ground annual'. Some of the practices were ended by law later by putting peculiar acts in place. There is also a separate legal process and body to take care of the phenomenon in Northern Ireland. These are the various locations where a single idea has translated into various versions through various laws and enforcements.